The cluster

BodenseeAIRea – The regional network for the aerospace industry

In the tenth year of its existence, some 30 players from the aerospace industry in the four-nation Lake Constance region are committed to the BodenseeAIRea cluster.

BodenseeAIRea has made a name for itself in the region as a forum for exchanging expertise, opinions and information. The network currently has 20 member companies as well as various cluster partners including universities and research institutes, museums, private enterprises and other stakeholders in the aerospace sector. The Lake Constance / Upper Swabia Chamber of Industry and Commerce has also been involved as a partner since 2015.


Goals of the BodenseeAIRea cluster initiative

  • To strengthen and develop aerospace technology as a core competency of the Lake Constance district
  • To promote innovation among, and improve the competitiveness of, the cluster’s members by interconnecting them in a network and hence encourage a transfer of know-how between market players and institutions

Services and activities

  • Hosting networking and trade events
  • Establishing contacts and communicating information
  • Providing assistance regarding the recruitment of specialists and collaborating with local and national initiatives, clusters and institutions
  • Assuming responsibility for inter-regional, location-based marketing as well as press and public relations for the Lake Constance aerospace industry
  • Representing the interests of members and partners vis-à-vis political bodies and industry associations
  • Organizing trade fair attendances and industry events


  • Our activities are exclusively reserved for BodenseeAIRea members and cluster partners
  • The fact that they are only open to a closed group means issues and new developments can be debated in the context of a trusting community
  • Activities are financed through membership fees and sponsorship by our cluster partners

Image building is vital in order to recruit specialists to the region while maintaining and strengthening Lake Constance’s position as a business location. As a result of this, the cluster itself is perceived throughout the German-speaking world as an established institution in the industry.

Benedikt Otte
Benedikt Otte
CEO of WFB, the Lake Constance District’s Economic Development Agency

“BodenseeAIRea was initiated by us as a cluster for the aerospace industry and is now celebrating its tenth anniversary. The last decade has shown how important it is to exchange information, opinions and expertise by interconnecting and cooperating with other players – with firms upstream or downstream in the industry’s supply chain as well as with universities, research institutes, the Lake Constance / Upper Swabia Chamber of Industry and Commerce and other partners in the aerospace sector.
Only by working together can we succeed in developing the new strategies and business segments that are essential to stay competitive. As the Lake Constance district’s economic development agency and cluster manager, we’re looking forward to providing a platform for this dialog to continue into the future and to marketing it as a unique selling point for the region.”