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BodenseeAIRea – A premier location for the aerospace industry

The foundation for the development of the Lake Constance area was laid in the early 20th century by pioneering entrepreneurs like Count Ferdinand von Zeppelin and Claude Dornier. Zeppelin airships and the advent of motorized airplanes led to a global fascination for flying that has continued to this day and is a pillar of regional expertise in aerospace engineering.

A lot has happened since then!

In addition to multinational corporations like Airbus, Diehl and Liebherr Aerospace, numerous small and medium-sized businesses – which as specialists in their chosen field are preferred suppliers both in Germany and internationally – are also among the innovative and successful aerospace companies operating in the Lake Constance area. This concentration paved the way for Lake Constance’s reputation as one of the German aerospace industry’s five main hubs. BodenseeAIRea unites these global players under an umbrella organization together with regional universities and research institutes, museums, private enterprises and other stakeholders in the aerospace sector, and constantly provides fresh impetus for the industry as a whole.

Discover the “fascination aerospace ” in the Lake Constance area, the air and space travel location with a past, present and future!

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