Impetus for the region from the region

Activities of all kinds for cluster members and partners serve to strengthen the network and encourage an innovative transfer of knowledge along with development and growth.

Regional networking – Growth through dialog

Creating opportunities for networking and establishing contacts are core tasks of BodenseeAIRea. Dialog is founded on mutual trust. The cluster provides the framework for targeted collaboration. Regular Cluster Meetings, both in-person and online, lay the foundation for dialogs on specific issues, ideas and projects. Some of these events are also open to non-cluster members, for instance our New Year Dinner or the BodenseeAIRea Barbecue. The goal is to involve all industry representatives in the Lake Constance region and help members forge contacts with as many like-minded organizations as possible. Regular visits to member companies enable deeper insights and make best practice examples come alive.

Collaboration beyond regional and sector boundaries – Shaping the future together

BodenseeAIRea works actively to build networks with a variety of clusters. As one of the German aerospace industry’s five main hubs, the Lake Constance area is in close contact with the other four centers thanks to the cluster’s interregional collaboration. The Bodensee Aerospace Meeting (BAM), which takes place every year in cooperation with aerospace clusters and associations from throughout the German-speaking world, deserves particular mention here. Cross-industry collaboration between different regional clusters represents a further important aspect of our activities. BodenseeAIRea is closely involved in CLIB, the Lake Constance Cluster Initiative which acts as the umbrella body for seven clusters in the four-nation Lake Constance region with the aim of promoting exchanges and coordinating joint activities. Our cooperation in CLIB encourages a transfer of knowledge between clusters, industry, chambers and local authorities as well as economic development agencies, thus helping to strengthen the aerospace sector in the Lake Constance area.

Knowledge transfer – Driver of Innovation

The BodenseeAIRea cluster actively promotes this transfer of knowledge by sharing valuable information with members and creating a framework for projects to be developed jointly. The cluster management maintain close contacts with member companies, so that BodenseeAIRea can enlist the involvement of experts on contemporary issues and reach out to companies proactively with fresh impetus.
Our Trend Letters provide members with selected sector-specific information as well as useful knowledge for operational decisions. Tech Talks, workshops and seminars are opportunities to learn more about specific aspects and develop strategies for overcoming concrete challenges. Here, too, the contacts between individual firms and the cluster management are a source of new impetus. BodenseeAIRea sees itself as an organizer whose job is to establish a framework for knowledge sharing.

Image building – The foundation for site development

BodenseeAIRea is a frequent attendee at aviation shows with joint booths and exhibitions. These provide a showcase for the multi-faceted expertise of BodenseeAIRea member companies and make it visible to a broader audience. Among others, the cluster is a regular exhibitor at AERO Friedrichshafen and the ILA in Berlin. These are ideal occasions to make new business contacts, especially for small or mid-market companies.
AIRstudent, the biannual careers and graduate recruitment event, is a firm fixture for colleges and universities throughout Germany that was launched to arouse young people’s enthusiasm for Lake Constance as an aerospace industry hub. During a three-day excursion to Lake Constance, students have a chance to get acquainted with local firms and gain first impressions of the quality of life in Germany’s far south.