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Zeppelin University (ZU) is a privately funded endowment university. Founded in 2003 on the banks of Lake Constance, ZU is state-recognized and focused from ZU bachelor degrees through post-doctoral degrees less on ivory towers than on practical powers – from bachelor degrees through post-doctoral degrees. Ever since that conception, ZU has always remained true to this original concept. What would a university be like that is dedicated not only to teaching, research, and employment markets, but also to developing new ideas for itself and society?

What kind of place would it be where dialog is more important than lectures, where learning takes priority over knowledge, where questions are more important than answers, where doubts raised by research carry more weight than rankings, where chance conversations are more helpful than consultations, and where personalities encounter personalities? We wanted to create just such a place. A place where, as demanded by Jacques Derrida, nothing is out of the question!

Ever since its foundation, Zeppelin University has been described as innovative. Wrong! We are old-school. It is time to examine more critically recent moves to “reform”and “modernize” universities. We believe education through academics has more to do with character than credits.

The revival of linking research to teaching is good, but not good enough. That is why we are dedicated to integrating teaching, research and academic services. Examples of this approach range from political consulting through student research, our arts program, (social) business start ups, to services for society in teaching as well as dissemination of all this through media such as our “ZU|Daily” news portal or “auf” academic magazine. Academics works when it is in good company, when it puts experimentation before excellence.

Facts & Figures
1.308 Students in the 13 bachelor and master programs at ZU
1.443 Alumni of ZU since 2003
49 Professors and Junior Professors at ZU
269 Members of staff in academics and administration
8:1 Ratio of applicants to students in bachelor programs
9:1 Ratio of students to academic staff 100 Companies founded by ZU students since 2003
60 Percentage of ZU students who receive student loans from Sparkasse Bodensee
13 Percentage of ZU students who hold scholarships from one of the twelve organizations for intellectual excellence
600 Partner institutions from the fields of business, culture, media, politics and administration
As of: December 2014

Our study programs
Bachelor College
Corporate Management & Economics | Communication & Cultural Management | Sociology, Politics & Economics | Politics, Administration & International Relations
Graduate School
Corporate Management & Economics | Communication & Cultural Management | Politics, Administration & International Relations
| General Management | Semi-structured Doctoral Program
Professional School
Family Entrepreneurship | Digital Pioneering | Inter-Sectoral Leadership & Governance | Business & Leadership for Engineers | Mobility Innovations

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