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Konstanz University of Applied Sciences was founded in 1906 as a private school for technical Engineering in Constance, Germany. Today 4.500 students are enrolled at the university. The staff is including 170 professors and 250 employees. The faculties comprise a wide range of teaching and research activities. They include 33 bachelor and master courses studies in the following six faculties: 1. Architecture and Design, 2. Civil Engineering, 3. Electrical Engineering and Information Technology, 4. Computer Science, 5. Mechanical and Process Engineering, 6. Economics and Social Sciences. An intensive exchange program for students and scientists is based on official agreements for cooperation and development with 36 foreign universities.

The research activities are allocated in various institutes. They include: Institute for Applied Research (IAF), Center for Materials Systems Technology (ZWST), the Center of Business Compliance an Integrity (CBCI), Institute for Intercultural Management, Values and Communication (KIeM), Institute for Corporate Governance (KICG), Institute for Optical Systems (IOS), the Institute for Dynamic Systems (ISD), the Institute for Professional Writing (IPS), the Konstanz Institute for Process Engineering (KIPS), the Institute for Applied Thermal- and Fluid Dynamics (IATFD), the Institute for Strategic Innovation and Technology Management (IST), the Institute for Natural Science and Mathematics (INM) and Material Institute Constance (WIK)und . Compared to other institutions Konstanz University of Applied Sciences is very active in research.

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