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Clusters are regional industry focal sectors and locations, in which a large number of companies and thus associated institutions are concentrated that are active within the same or a similar industry sector or field.

With the Bodensee AIRea Project, 22 companies and 5 post-secondary schools or research institutions have joined together at the initiative of the Bodensee (Lake Constance) Business Development Office to form a regional industry network, a so-called cluster initiative.

Goals of the Bodensee AIRea Cluster Initiative:
• Strengthening and advancement of the focal point aviation and aerospace technology in the Lake Constance area
• Improved competitiveness of the companies through reciprocal interconnection between companies and scientific institutions
• Engagement of a cluster management for professional coordination and neutral moderation of the network content

Services of the Cluster Management:
• Location marketing, media and public relations activities for the Lake Constance aviation and aerospace location
• Regular cluster meetings and industry events for member companies, as well as facilitated workshops for intensification of the cooperation between companies and educational institutions in the Lake Constance area
• Organization of international trade fair appearances and industry events
• Organization of business trips for development of contacts with OEM’s/Tier 1’s
• Acquisition of specialist personnel, appearances at career fairs, Internet job portals, AIRstudent events
• Active representation of interests towards political bodies and trade organizations
• Systematic cooperation with other aviation and aerospace networks

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